XDPlus Series

Trusted by leading out of home advertisers and major outdoor venues worldwide, Absen’s XDPLUS series have won overwhelming praise for their exceptional design and reliable performance. XDPlus is an evolutionary step forward from Absen’s highly successful XD series. The new designs feature increased brightness [now up to 7500NITS], lighter than thinner cabinets and improved weather proofing.  XDPlus also provides customers with the option of 4mm pixel pitch in instances where higher resolutions are required.  Utilising Absen’s innovative European cabinet design, screens can be easily configured to deliver stunning content in any format and at any size in virtually any outdoor environment.

All new Hi-Vis Digital supplied screens include a manufacturer backed 5 year warranty.

Ultra High Brightness & Contrast

XDPlus has been designed to deliver exceptional viewing performance even when installed in areas impacted by direct sunlight. Capable of delivering up-to 7500 nits the new cabinets also feature the option of installing an innovative louvre – called a “brim” – that can provide shade in instances where LEDs are impacted by direct sunshine. (See diagram).


Smart Monitoring

XDPlus series smart module technology provides real time monitoring services directly from the LED module itself. There is no need for additional monitor cards and cables. Module health status check routines are run automatically. Any service failures relating to Temperature, Module LEDs, PSU Voltage, receiving cards, sending cards and ribbon cables are sent automatically via email.

Each XDPlus module has its own electronic ID number which identifies the module’s production date, time in operation and a storage facility for its calibration data.

Smart Module

Each module of XDPlus stores its own:

  • Module ID
  • Order Information
  • Production Date
  • Working Time
  • Colour Coordinates
  • Supply Voltage
  • Module Temperature
  • Module Current

Flexible Configuration Options 

XDPlus provides for flexible installation in a wide range of situations. Displays can be configured with right angles, double sided, as freestanding lightboxes, wall mounted or even curved designs if desired.


Screen can make
a 90 degree angle

Single sided & double sided lightbox screen

Wall mounting

Customised curved screen

Independent Waterproof Modules

XDPlus new module design provides an improved protective grade with exceptional waterproofing and high weather resistance. The design incorporates specific elements that eliminate water retention, thus avoiding the possibility of failures of electronic components due to oxidation. Soft rubber rings are also used to ensure enclosures are fully waterproof and will work flawlessly even in extreme weather conditions. 

Front Maintenance

4 corners of each module have a maintenance hole

Insert the six angle wrench and rotate it

Take off module

Rear Maintenance

Remove the screws with an allen wrench

Hold handle and pull out

Remove the module on a diagonal axis

XDPlus Series Speficiations

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