Polaris Series

Absen’s award winning Polaris range has been designed specifically for both indoor and outdoor mobile and rental applications. With 10 models to choose from (with pitches from 2.5mm to 6.9mm), the Polaris Series is capable of delivering stunning images. Engineered for quick installation, ease of use, robustness and precision, the Polaris series features auto-lock, auto-eject, and fast-switch curve locking systems from -7.5˚ to up to +10˚, as well as an anti-collision PCB technology. All models have been equipped with Absen’s advanced heat dissipation technologies, 18-bit image processing for high-contrast, grayscale, and high refresh rates.

All new Hi-Vis Digital supplied screens include a manufacturer backed 5 year warranty.

Advanced Design

Magnetic Auto-lock and eject system

Absen’s advanced auto locking and vertical lock system includes a magnetic auto alignment feature. For one man installation, screen assembly is easy and fast. Panels are aligned and attach together automatically using magnets.

Step 1.

Panels will be attached together by magnets automatically.

Step 2.

Hold the bottom of the Panels upward.

Step 3.

Pull the knob of top lock system to lock the panels.

Inner and outer curve lock systems

An innovative integrated re-positional curve lock system provides alignment accuracy for installations requiring curved displays. Curve connection blocks provide support for any increment of curve from -7.5˚ to up to +10˚ giving users greater design flexibility.

Fast Rear Service

Pull the handle

Push-then-Pull Module

Pull the Module from rear

Low Heat – High brightness, blacker blacks and high contrast

Absen’s NXTGEN HBB (High Brightness Black) technology drives Polaris black SMD LEDs at ultra-high brightness with ultra-high contrast. Each RGB LED chip is directly driven with precision power technology with a 20% decrease in heat and a 20% increase in brightness. Absen HBB allows the Polaris outdoor display models to achieve up-to 5,000nit brightness while delivering ultra-high contrast ratios. 

Advanced floor stacking system

Drop, pop and lock ground support for quick and easy floor installation.

Polaris Series Speficiations

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